Our  Gins

Orange Grove Gin
The latest addition to our gin family! 
Orange Grove Gin is distilled with quintet of Asian Oranges: Kumquats, Tangerines, Clementines, Satsumas, and Halabongs.  
We worked long and hard on making sure we could get all the flavours and aromas of these oranges naturally through distillation and without having to add any syrups or concentrates.  
With a natural fruity, orangey smell on the nose, the orange flavours play very well with the juniper and cinnamon inside the gin! 
Try it in a G&T or a Negroni and you won’t be disappointed!
750ML - 42.5% Alc/Vol

Singa Gin
Our London Dry, Singa Gin, is a traditional, juniper and orange heavy gin that we formulated to be able to stand up to the strongest tonic water. This way you can still taste the flavours of the Gin botanicals even in a Negroni.
Kyuri きゅうり Gin
Kyuri Gin has been distilled with Japanese Cucumbers, Sakura Cherry Blossoms, Juniper Berries, Citrus Fruits, and other herbs and spices.
Lime Garden Gin
Created to show off the interesting limes that we have here in South East Asia. It’s distilled with Makrut Lime, or Limau Purut as it’s called here in Singapore, Limau Kasturi also known as Calamansi, and Limau Nipis (Key Lime). This gives the gin a refreshing lime taste.
Coconut Pandan Gin
Distilled with Pandan Leaves, Coconut Flesh, and Coconut Hearts. Coconut hearts are the fruits of coconuts that only grows in mature coconuts. By using both the hearts and flesh of coconuts, we got a complex flavour of coconut that blends superbly with the aromatic creamy taste of pandan leaves.
Singapore Sling Gin
There are many varying stories and recipes for the original Singapore Sling and so we created a gin that would work with all of them. This is the perfect gin for a Singapore Sling but it also pairs well with just tonic water or pineapple juice if you want the taste of a Singapore Sling but don’t want to go through the trouble of making one from scratch.
Stolen Roses Gin
A gin distilled with rose petals. It’s a floral gin that will definitely remind you of a fresh bouquet of roses. Mix it with milk to create a creamy, floral, delicious rose drink.
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