Merlion Vodka
Smoother Than Silk

Our Vodka is distilled 5 times from soft French Winter Wheat. We found that distilling 5 times is the optimum amount of distillations to create a smooth refined Vodka that retains flavour. Less than 5 produced a rough Vodka. More than 5 resulted in a bland flavourless Vodka tasting like distilled water. 
The best bakeries and patisseries in France use only soft winter wheat to make their light as air pastries and cakes. Summer wheat is good for denser stuff like baking bread and pies.  
Our Ultra Premium Vodka should be taken neat – chilled or at room temperature. 
If you want to make any Vodka cocktail you can use cheaper Vodkas made from corn, potatoes, cane sugar or summer wheat as you will not be able to taste the quality of the Vodka anyway. Using our Merlion Vodka for cocktails is like using a fine 21 year old scotch whisky for a whisky cocktail.  
But then, this is just our opinion...... 

750ML - 40% Alc/Vol