Singa Gin
13 Spices and herbs are distilled together to create a gin that can be enjoyed on its own and is robust enough to be tasted in a cocktail or with tonic water. 
Our gin is distilled using two methods, vapor infusion & maceration. 
This two step process results in SINGA GINĀ®'s unique taste and aroma. 
Our complex potpouri of 13 botanicals. 
Juniper Berries (Europe) 
Cloves                                                                       Corriander Seeds  
Mandarin Orange                                                               Orris Root  
Ceylon Cinnamon                                                    Cardamon Pods  
Grains of Paradise                                                        Liqorice Root  
Angelica Root                                                         Cassia Cinnamon  
Limau Nipis                                                               Sarawak Pepper   

750ML - 42.5% Alc/Vol