Singapore Distillery’s Amberosa tonic water is unlike other tonic water. 
We use Cinchona Bark to give our tonic its characteristic bitter taste, instead of the solvent extract that is usually substituted by other manufacturers: Quinine Hydrochloride/Sulphate.  
The natural Cinchona Bark that we use gives our tonic a beautiful Amber colour. Hence the name, Amberosa.  
Cinchona Bark also results in a gentler, crisper tonic with none of the cloying bitterness of Quinine.  
This way, our tonic doesn’t smother taste the of the botanicals and herbs in Gin.

Amberosa Tonic Water
The original cinchona bark tonic, crisp and delicious with a beautiful amber color.
Amberosa Tonic Water – Cucumber
We’ve made this tonic water with fresh cucumbers to give it a light, refreshing, cucumber flavour that goes perfect our gins (especially Kyuri Gin).
Amberosa Tonic Water – Strawberry
Fresh strawberries are mixed together with this tonic as it’s being made so every bottle is packed full of that sweet, fruity strawberry flavour!
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