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Merlion Gin
Merlion Gin
Merlion Gin
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Merlion Gin

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We're proud to announce that Merlion Gin has won a silver medal from the London Spirits Competition as well as the Singapore World Spirits Competition! 

Merlion Gin was born back in September 2017 as the first gin idea and recipe we worked on.

The idea behind it was to create a gin that utilized herbs and spices from all the different cultures and cuisines in Singapore, to really show what a Singaporean Gin could be.

Singapore has always been a melting pot of different from all over the globe, with each culture bringing its own herbs and spices with them.

Therefore in order to create the quintessential Singapore Gin, we had to think about Singapore’s historic place as the centre of the spice trade and the various botanicals that come from all over the world!

This resulted in Merlion GIn’s 13 Botanical Formula:

  • Juniper Berries - from Serbia

  • Coriander Seeds - from India

  • Angelica Root - from Korea

  • Licorice Root - from Mongolia

  • Orris Root - from Italy

  • Ceylon Cinnamon - From Sri Lanka

  • Cassia Cinnamon - From Indonesia

  • Mandarin Oranges - From Egypt

  • Limau Nipis - From Malaysia

  • Cloves - From India

  • Cardamom - From India

  • Black Pepper - From Sarawak, Malaysia

  • Grains of Paradise - from Guinea in Africa (Where it’s known as Guinea Grains)

It took more than 100+ revisions to get the balance just right where all the botanicals give the gin a harmonious flavour and aroma.

In terms of taste profile, Juniper Berries are prominent throughout the gin but it is also a citrus and spice forward gin.

Sipping it neat you taste and smell the spices first, with a mild citrus taste at the end.

Diluting the gin with a mixer (or in a cocktail) changes the flavour, the Mandarin Orange and Limau Nipis starts to come through and it becomes very refreshing and citrusy with a spicey finish.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Cristabel Yeo
    great gift

    well packaged, arrived within the same day, ordered at 9am, arrived by noon, great birthday gift for my colleague

    Zhenya Yazadzhieva
    Remarkable present from Singapore

    Order for as a present for friends abroad. Good to have something singaporean and gin is always a good idea. Delivery was on time and respected my delivery date 'cauae i was in hurry.

    Rina Wang
    Merlion gin and gin glass

    Pretty, makes a good gift!


    Purchased this as a gift for a boss-friend. We had needed the gift in a rush and they had arranged for next-day delivery, which we are really grateful for.

    The gin looks really exquisite! The company was generous to also send a complimentary Merlion glass with the order.

    Raphael Reich
    Excellent gin

    Very nice gin, lovely taste and attractive bottle and label design - would recommend it to all gin lovers.